Barstool Launches Sports Betting App in Pennsylvania

Barstool Launches Sports Betting App in Pennsylvania

Recently, Pennsylvania residents enjoyed the launch of the Barstool Sportsbook mobile betting app. The move was highly anticipated, as the launch has provided a bar to be set by Barstool Sports and Penn National, respectively. Barstool Sports also becomes the first media entity to submerge themselves into sports betting.

Barstool Sportsbook will be an eye-catcher to the younger sports betting audience. This is estimated since the popularity of the media company, Barstool Sports, will promote content within the mobile betting app and have personalities.

Barstool Sports has developed its niche within the media world. They have covered topics from pop culture to sports, and then sports betting. They have exploded into a large brand over the last decade with the help of the Chernin Group and by a stake in the company in 2016.

Then, Penn National started 2020 strong with buying another stake. In January, the gaming company 

bought a 36 percent interest in Barstool that was worth $163 million.

Deal can be found here:

This arguably jumpstarted Barstool Sports right into the sports betting action. This was a great transition from covering sports content, which they still do, and now Penn National has paved the way for a sports betting app.

Barstool has its College Football Pick ‘Em podcast for NCAA football and Barstool Sports Advisors for NFL Sunday’s. They can now take those deals and incorporate them with the new Barstool Sportsbook mobile betting app.

Since the deal, Barstool and Penn have been working hard trying to launch the highly anticipated app. Barstool Sportsbook will be taking over all Penn National sports betting locations, including the likes of personalities tied to Barstool.

This marks a very interesting time for the Pennsylvania launch, as they become the first state to welcome Barstool Sportsbook. It is arguably only just a matter of time before you see that name spread across the U.S.

So we know already that Barstool and Penn created a soft launch of the Barstool Sportsbook app. However, only a limited number of users could use the new app just to test it out for what they liked and did not. 

At the time of the trial, it was quickly pointed out that Barstool had features that were not like any other sportsbook. This bodes well for their customers and ongoing use of the app. 

An example of things they will be offering is the “Barstool Personality Picks.” Bettors will be able to watch along with what Barstool personalities are betting, so they can tail or fade with them if they want. Besides, they will also have an awesome 6-leg parlay that customers can adjust the bets and wagers to.

Barstool Sportsbook will have your traditional bets such as money lines, spreads, totals, parlays, teasers, futures, and much more. They will also have daily odds boosts, and the function to be able to buy and sell points much simpler than other sportsbooks.


As the sports betting industry continues to prosper, we will continue to see deals like these happen. Barstool was a great example of a sports content provider having another door opened to the sports betting world. 

Overall, this sports betting app has the potential to become a huge success in Pennsylvania. DraftKings and FanDuel alike have dominated the scene in this area since their launch, and Barstool could definitely come right in and become a key player in the Keystone State.

Author: Jose Edwards